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Grant Preparation Policy

Biostatistical Support:

Through collaboration with the Center for Biostatistics in the development of grants and protocols, investigators quickly learn to value the expertise provided by our biostatisticians. The strongest grants are those where a biostatistician has been involved from the beginning in the design.  In general, the likelihood of funding is improved when a biostatistician has fully participated in the development of the proposal.  We do not allow a biostatistician’s name to be placed on a grant unless they have been involved in its development or reviewed the grant application.

Grant Support Provided:

To ensure the achievements of specific aims, biostatisticians provide critical design and methods support by:

  • Collaborating with the project investigators in the formulation of hypotheses and the design of experiments and clinical trials;

  • Providing assistance in developing and implementing data collection tools and data management systems to allow investigators to effectively and efficiently manage and analyze their data;

  • Conducting and directing the statistical analysis of data generated by the project investigators including both descriptive summary statistics and inferential methods;

  • Coordinating the development of new statistical methodologies, when needed, to directly support research issues that may arise; and

  • Providing clear presentations and discussions of results for publication.

Timing of Grant Support:

Biostatisticians that are involved from the beginning need sufficient time to develop a strong grant for submission.  The amount of time needed depends on the size of the grant and the agreed upon effort of the biostatistician. Small grants typically require at least one month of collaboration prior to submission. Large grants such as PPGs require at least three months of intense collaboration before the submission guideline. Requests made closer in time to the deadline will be addressed only after work has been completed on grants that were submitted by investigators in a timely manner. Note that the earlier the support request, the more thorough and effective the level of biostatistical support will be, which in turn will increase the ability for your grant to impress critical reviewers.

Percent Effort:

Our policy is that the FTE (full time equivalent) should match the actual effort.  Our minimum percent effort on a grant is 5%, although this percentage is rarely enough to cover the scope of the work in a typical grant.  For applicable grants, time spent by the biostatistician preparing the grant itself is covered under the CCC or CCTS mechanisms. For all other grants, biostatistician time is compensated through hourly billing or a departmental MOU

Please contact us to discuss your grant proposal.