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Aims of the BCSR

The goal of the BCSR is to provide OSUCCC investigators a centralized resource for biostatistical expertise.  Our primary aims are:

  1. To collaborate with OSUCCC investigators in planning and designing laboratory experiments, clinical trials, and population-based studies.

  2. To conduct statistical analysis of data generated by OSUCCC pilot projects, especially complex analysis and modeling needed for microarray studies and other types of high-dimensional data.

  3. To identify innovative and effective statistical methods in response to specific project needs that will enhance the quality of design, interpretations, and communication of results.

  4. To participate in all OSUCCC programs through administrative and research meetings to ensure that statistical issues are addressed.

  5. To provide education regarding biostatistical considerations in study design and analysis in cancer research.

  6. To verify and validate data quality of OSUCCC studies with the OSUCCC Clinical Trials Office, Biomedical Informatics, and the Behavioral Measurement Shared Resources.