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BCSR Staff

The BCSR is comprised of almost two dozen biostatisticians and support staff from the Center for Biostatistics, College of Public Health and Department of Statistics. Most have developed long-term collaborative relationships with OSUCCC members as well as expertise in the specific statistical needs of cancer investigators.


BCSR Director:

  • Soledad Fernandez: Statistical Genetics, Laboratory Experimental Design and Analysis



  • Mahmoud Abdel-Rasoul: Cancer Epidemiology, Statistical Modeling Techniques, Laboratory Experimental Design

  • Erinn Hade: Cancer Control, Observational Studies (Propensity Score Matching), Phase III Trials

  • Amy Lehman:  Cancer Control, Immunology

  • Joseph McElroy: Statistical Genetics, Next Generation Sequence Methods

  • Xiaokui Molly Mo: Laboratory Experimental Design, Pathways Analysis

  • Xeuliang (Jeff) Pan: Phase I/II/III Clinical Trials

  • Kyle Porter: Bio-assays, Laboratory Experiments, Diagnostic Studies

  • Julie Stephens: Cancer Epidemiology

  • Lai Wei: Phase I/II/III Clinical Trials, Diagnostic Studies

  • Vedat Yildiz: Statistical Modeling Techniques

  • Greg Young: Cancer Control, Phase III Trials

  • Lianbo Yu:  High Dimensional Design and Methods

  • Jianying Zhang: Microarray Analysis, Data Visualization, Next Generation Sequence Methods

  • Xiaoli Zhang:  Laboratory Experimental Design, Microarray Analysis