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Center for Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

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Soledad Fernandez, Ph.D. 293-3641   email
Deputy Director      
Guy Brock, Ph.D. 366-8504   email
Anita Bratcher 293-6899   email
Judith Buster 688-6764   email
Mikayla McCormic 293-0074   email
Program Leaders      
Erinn Hade, Ph.D. - Population Studies 293-6425   email
Lai Wei, Ph.D. - Clinical Trials 293-6449   email
Lianbo Yu, Ph.D. - Omics & High Dimensional Data 293-5791   email
Shasha Bai, Ph.D. 688-9682   email
David Kline, Ph.D. 688-9676   email
Xiaokui Molly Mo, Ph.D., M.A.S.  293-9220   email
Xueliang (Jeff) Pan, Ph.D. 293-2248   email
Xiaoli Zhang, Ph.D., M.S. 293-6472   email
Research Scientists      
Sarah Janse, Ph.D. 688-9743   email
Joseph McElroy, Ph.D. 293-9220   email
Jing Zhao, Ph.D. 688-9752   email
Mahmoud Abdel-Rasoul, M.S., M.P.H 293-0076   email
Jason Benedict, M.S. 293-2999   email
Kenneth Jackson, M.S. 688-9709   email
Brett Klamer, M.S. 293-6898   email
Amy Lehman, M.A.S. 293-6897   email
Eric McLaughlin, M.S. 688-9635   email
Marilly Palettas, M.P.H. 688-9711   email
Juan Peng, M.A.S. 685-5869   email
Kyle Porter, M.A.S. 293-5926   email
Julie Stephens, M.S. 293-9645   email
Jeremy Tan, M.S. 688-9714   email
Vedat Yildiz, M.S. 293-9068   email
Gregory Young, M.S. 293-6491   email
Songzhu Zhao, M.S. 366-9136   email
Bioinformatics Programmer      
Rachel Smith, M.P.H. 293-7119   email